Mini Grant Recipients



We are so blessed to live in a community full of people with caring hearts and generous wallets.  Although we are a small group, we have been able to lots of great things for our community.  Because of this generosity, last year, we were able to institute the CCAC Mini-grant Program. Our criteria are shown below:

  1. Serving Camino School and/or local children
  2. Increasing the beauty or safety of our community
  3. Fostering arts or entertainment
  4. Enhancing historical or cultural opportunities
  5. Providing recreational or outdoor opportunities

For our first granting period in 2015, all nine applicants were from Camino staff and teachers and we had 5 recipients.  The recipients of CCAC mini grants for May 2015 were:

Camino Library Paint/Books

$1000 will purchase books and paint for the Library.  $400 will go for paint and posters done by volunteers and the remainder is for new books.

Connect and Respect Program, through Community Matters

$1000 will fund this anti-bullying program, utilizing high school students as mentors and providing more one-on-one interaction with students.  The total program is $2500, to be co-funded with PTO and CUSD.

Following the Leader 

$1000 will purchase 3 Chromebooks for use in the 1st and 5th grades.  This is being done in conjunction with other grant funds received and applied for that will augment the ongoing program.

Music for the Band

$979.78 will purchase new and more contemporary music and band method books for the band program.  Band serves students from 5th-8th grades.

Technology Upgrade in the Classroom

$1000 will purchase 4 Chromebooks for a 2nd grade classroom.  The teacher is personally making up the difference of $200-$300 for the 4th computer.  The computers will be shared with other classrooms if requested.

In 2016, we were able to fund more projects, including one providing fire safe clearance for Camino seniors:

Camino School Library Picture Books and Books on Tape

$600 will purchase picture books for young readers and books on tape (along with the corresponding books) to encourage reluctant readers.

Camino School Impact Club Bicycles for Kinds

$150 will allow the Impact Club to work with adult volunteers to refurbish bikes provided by Folsom Prison so they can be donated to 10 low income Camino students.  The PPC Rotary will provide the helmets.

Camino School Impact Club Flowers Bring Smiles Project

$350 will purchase and plant flowers for the Impact Club to replace, rejuvenate and revive 3 flower beds near the entrance to Camino School.

Chromebooks for Differentiation in Camino School Middle School Math

$1000 will be used by the Camino Middle School math teacher to provide more consistent access to technology, particularly for students who are below grade level, are English Language Learners, or who have special needs.

Musical Instruments and Equipment for the Camino School Music Program/Band

$575 will purchase new instruments for the music program and a Chromebook for use by band members that will allow them to utilize the online features of their band method books.  Band serves students from 5th-8th grades.

Install Donated Flat-Panel Television Sets in Camino School Classrooms

$1000 will be used to install flat-panel TVs, previously donated to the school, in the classrooms.  One could also be moved into public area for use by community groups meeting at the school.

Camino Schools Ropes Course

$175 will support scholarships for the 5th Grade Ropes Course.

Improve Fire Wise Defensible Space for Camino Seniors

$300 will allow the El Dorado Fire Safe Council to work with the Friends of Seniors, to identify and assist one or more low-income Camino seniors who need help improving defensible space on their property.

 ccac firesafe2 ccac fire safe 1